Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guides - Watch The Bass Whisperer In The Lake Okeechobee One Hour Challenge!

Lake-Okeechobee-Bass-Fishing-Guides-Matt-Welch-JP-McKay-400Welcome to Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guides!  Home of the Lake Okeechobee Bass Whisper, JP McKay and his famous, "One Hour Lake Okeechobee Challenge!"

JP has been catching MONSTER bass on Lake Okeechobee since 1982, has won countless tournaments and is well know as one of the best BIG bass fisherman and guides on the "Big O."  If you want to catch HUGE bass on Lake Okeechobee, The Bass Whisperer is your guide!

What's the "One Hour Lake Okeechobee Challenge?"

The Bass Whisperer is an old-school bass fishing guide. He didn't have a website or any videos on Youtube.  So he challenged a marketer named Matt Welch.  He said if Matt came fishing with him and shot video and if The Bass Whisperer got him a TROPHY bass within ONE HOUR Matt would put the video up on Youtube and build him a website.

The Bass Whisperer delivered... and this is that website and video!!!

Now Matt is hooked and goes out fishing and shooting video with The Bass Whisperer as much as he can.  And they usually get MONSTER bass.  So check out the video of the "One Hour Lake Okeechobee Challenge" and all the other videos and information on this site.  More will be going up every week.  Including technique on how to catch BIG bass on lake Okeechobee, what lures to use, where to fish at what times of year and fishing report with videos of recent trips.

And if you want to book a Lake Okeechobee bass fishing trip with The Bass Whisperer, just give him a call.  His toll-free number is: 1-888-959-8658.

His rates are $350 for a half day (4 hours of fishing) and $450 for a full day (8 hours of fishing).  Many bass fisherman book him for several days in a row.  If you are interested in that, give him a call.  He can also recommend the best places to stay on the lake.   But if you want to go, call as soon as possible.  He books up well in advance and often times has a waiting list. 1-888-959-8658

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Guides